Message from the Chairman, Alberto Miranda

January, 2017

What’s the biggest decision you, as a leader, have to make? It’s finding the right people. And for that reason, engaging an executive search firm is one of the most important decisions you will make.

We value the trust you place in us to find you leaders that will achieve your vision.
We understand the risks you take when hiring a senior executive, and the risk you run by not hiring, either to replace a poor performer, or to head up a new acquisition.
We understand these things because our consultants have built their search professions on a foundation of significant business experience. This helps you navigate risk, and build truly effective leadership teams.
After a frank and thorough assessment, they’ll help you to accurately frame your requirements, and then to identify, attract and hire exceptional executive talent.
Not only will we help you make effective hiring decisions, our consultative approach will provide an important perspective on your corporate culture. This is key, because all hiring, especially at the executive level, provides an opportunity to check whether effective leadership is taking place at every level in the organisation.
While our core expertise and focus remains on executive search, we also offer advisory services, including leadership assessment and organisational design.
We know that, if leaders are to succeed in today’s competitive business environment, they need critical leadership competencies, in addition to technical skills and experience.
With over 40 offices globally, and with a presence in every major business centre, EMA Partners is well equipped to help you attract leaders who can execute strategy, inspire their people and ensure sustainable growth.

Call your nearest EMA Partners office, and find out how we can help you build an outstanding leadership team.